Student Life: Leadership Program

The Leadership Program


Building Leaders Who Make a Better World

When the National Society for Leadership & Success (NSLS) began 20 years ago, we decided to help the greatest number of people in the most significant way. We achieved this through a dedicated mission to impact the world by building stronger, more successful leaders.

Our philosophy is that we accomplish more together than we do alone. We have seen that with proper support and dedicated action, people can achieve extraordinary things for themselves and the greater community.


We are dream supporters – we build leaders, support people in achieving their dreams, and better the world in the process. We get people to ask the all-important question, 'What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?' and then give students the tools they need to drive their future forward, establish themselves as leaders among their peers and build real-work skills that will help them excel in the workplace.

Eligibility Requirements

Invitations are mailed and emailed to the student.

  • 2.5 or higher GPA and at least 6 credits completed

More Information

Jamica Andrews
Director of Student Activities

You may also stop by the Student Union Building (SUB Z-106).